These Terms of Service ("ToS") are a legal agreement which includes the Privacy Policy located at between MinerServer ("Our", "We", "MinerServer", "Us") and you ("Client", "Customer", "You", "Your"). By using our services, you agree i) you are the age of 13 or are above the age of 13 and also above the minimum age of digital consent in your country. ii) You have read, understood, and are bound by our ToS.

Account Termination

We reserve the right to terminate/suspend your account.

Change in policies

We reserve the right to modify our policies. In case, a policy is modified, all users will be informed and you will be given one day before we enforce our new policy.


We reverse the right to do maintenance, we will make sure to inform all users about any future maintenance.

Prohibited Actions

All actions which may harm the company are prohibited which includes, but is not limited to:

Alternative Accounts

You must not use, create any alternative ("alt") accounts to use our services


You must not exploit any bugs in any way, all bugs must be reported in our discord server or via email.


You are only eligible for a refund if you have purchased in the past 15 days.


You are NOT allowed to claim that one/all of our services are provided by you, you must also NOT resell our services.

Inactive Servers

If we have noticed that you haven't used your server for over 2 weeks we will mark your server as inactive and send you an email. If you don't respond to that email within 48 hours your server will be deleted.

Fiar Usage

We have a fair usage policy so that we can run your server without causing issues to other users.

If you break our fair usage policy you may have your server suspended without prior notice.